How to Guarantee Your Success as a Medical Biller

Dr. Edward Hallowell, psychiatrist and former professor at Harvard Medical School, recently shared his brain diagnostic with Success magazine to help entrepreneurs lap the competition.

The Entrepreneur’s Ferrari Brain… with Bicycle Brakes

In my 30 years of working with business owners around the world, both as a consultant and as a psychiatrist, I have developed a keen appreciation for how the magical mind of the entrepreneur operates. I have learned that what separates successful from frustrated small-business owners is their ability—or inability—to capitalize on their massive psychological strengths and to minimize the carnage that can be wreaked by their weaknesses.

Entrepreneurs constitute the guts and gusto of our economy. They’re the people who keep us bouncing back no matter how bad things get and the people who break new ground no matter how many times they’re told they can’t go there. They are the business equivalent of farmers—not sitting in boardrooms or looking for bailouts but always out at the crack of dawn plowing the economy, dealing with whatever the weather brings, growing their crops no matter what.

If there is one psychological characteristic that defines entrepreneurs, it is what I call pop: grit combined with imagination and optimism. People who start their own businesses have a ton of pop. They never give up; they keep inventing new solutions, and they believe in the pot of gold.

As an entrepreneur, you are very lucky. You are blessed with an extraordinarily powerful mind. You have the equivalent of a Ferrari engine for a brain. That’s why you are a winner in the making, a potential champion.

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