Five Prospective Clients Before I Got Home from the Workshop!

Randy Ballard attended our May 2012 Live Training class and sent this email to us one day after his training class that documented the hours immediately following his graduation from our Live Training event. This is a prime example as to the opportunities that ABS Licensees can achieve when they fully believe in themselves and have the confidence that their partnership with ABS provides:

“I just wanted to drop you a short note to say how much I appreciate the dedication and support provided by American Business Systems to myself as a new licensee. The training material, length of time spent and accommodations were all excellent.

It’s amazing how quickly I was able to begin implementing these skills to begin building my business. Upon getting settled in at the concourse to board my plane home, I naturally found my way over to the bar. During the time it took me to enjoy a beer I was able to successfully network with two people.

The first was a National Sales Manager for Panasonic. Although she only deals with the consumer side of their computer products, she does interface with the Medical Side of the business. She promised to get back to me with the names of some of her counterparts at Panasonic that deal directly with the physicians. She was very aware of the pressures of physicians having to join hospital owned clinics to survive.

The second person was an attorney looking to move from Dallas to Cleveland. After delivering my 10 second tag line I was able to find out that she has three college friends that have recently started their medical practices. No sooner did she say that, her phone rang and low and behold it was one of her physician friends. I offered her my business card and she took of them.

 My flight back to Portland required me to stop in Seattle. On this flight I sat next to an IT person. He mentioned that one of his longtime friends had a commercial construction business and his projects recently consisted of smaller medical related office buildings. His friend believes that the increase in demand for his services are because physicians are starting to move away from the large hospital owned groups in an effort to have some individual freedoms with their careers. He promised to get me in touch with his friend.

 Finally, on my trip down from Seattle to Portland I met a person who lives about 5 miles from me. He interacts with health care systems on an insurance level. He had a few names he was going to follow up with to me concerning some local physicians. We are planning to meet up occasionally.

 I was able to start my networking and promoting my business immediately and gain some valuable ‘practice’. All of this for the mere cost of an airport beer and a glass of wine for the attorney, my business cards are already spreading across the country.

Once again Patrick, thank you. I look forward to a long and successful ‘partnership’ with American Business Systems.”

Randy Ballard


Med X Integrated Business Services, LLC

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