How to Eliminate Competition When You Start Your New Business!

How to Eliminate Competition

Start a Business with NO Competition! Have you ever wondered how to eliminate competition in your line of work? This week, Patrick Phillips and Eric Ogea talk about the many things that set our licensees apart from competition. So far apart in fact, that any possible threats to their medical billing business is virtually eliminated! Join them as they also answer questions from the audience!

Here’s a sneak peak:

– Start a business in an industry that has proven growth, regardless of economy (e.g. healthcare)
– Work in a field that is showing monumental shifts away from “the way it’s always been”
– Use seamlessly integrated technology to your advantage
– Make sure someone always has your back
– Never underestimate the power of client testimonials
– Get trained by the experts in your chosen field: the people in the trenches
– Use social media to your advantage

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