Founders Blog: Best Business for Retirees

best business for retirees

Founders Blog: Best Business for Retirees

Hi, I’m Patrick Phillips, CEO and Founder of American Business Systems. I’ve been speaking with some of our recent graduates from our live medical revenue management training workshop that we hold here in Dallas. And I get the feeling that many of them are at or nearing what we think of as retirement age. And they decided that retirement is just not what it’s touted to be. Some of them just can’t picture themselves, for example, just sitting around and spitting and whittling, you know what I mean?

So I did some research to find out if this is the way a lot of people feel. Look at this article from Independent Living, a newsletter I subscribe to. The editor, Lee Bellinger says, “A lot of highly successful people from Warren Buffett to Clint Eastwood certainly haven’t bought in to what the retirement industry is selling. They’re pursuing creative and productive endeavors well into their 80s, even though they could just as easily be resting on their laurels and collecting passive investment income.”

Folks ask me all the time why I’m still actively and passionately involved in this business. And I tell them that I can’t imagine sitting around doing nothing. I saw my grandfather, for example, do that once he retired, and he went downhill both mentally and physically in the last two years of his life. This is exactly what this quote from the Journal of Economic Perspectives says, look at this, “Retirement may lead to cognitive decline. For many people, retirement leads to a less stimulating daily environment.”

So if you’re already retired or getting close to thinking about retiring, you may wish to consider working again at something of course that you love, and are passionate about. As the old saying goes, if you’re doing something you enjoy doing, it can’t be defined as work. “Besides,” as Lee goes on to say, “Studies have found that one-third of all employees who take early retirement end up regretting their decision within six months. After a while, these early retirees get bored with an over abundance of free time.”

So here’s a suggestion, use your free time to look carefully into our business, the Best Business for Retirees. And you’ll be working with professionals in your area, physicians, who desperately need your help in making sure that they get paid from the insurance companies, their patients, and from Medicare and Medicaid.

Look at this quote, “42% of all physician practices that are currently doing their own billing are looking to outsource their billing in the next 12 months” according to Black Book Research. Folks we can show you how to become a medical revenue manager and tap into this billion-dollar industry. Check us out.

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