Doctor Shares Healthcare Financial Struggles

Listen as a Doctor Shares Healthcare Financial Struggles she experienced during her practice and how doctors need help more than ever before!

Doctor Shares Healthcare Financial Struggles

Join Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO of ABS, as he speaks with Dr. Vicki Rackner about why you should consider starting a business in healthcare right now.

– Why doctors will WANT to outsource their billing to you, rather than keep it-in-house
– The fastest way to get doctors to sign up with you
– How you can earn a six-figure income with only a handful of clients
– How to hire others to do the clerical work and allow you to focus on keeping your clients happy and referring other doctors to you
– How to increase a physician’s revenue by up to 30%
– How to save doctors thousands on their billing over what they now pay

Patrick and Dr. Vick also answered questions from the audience!

GoToWebinar was having technical problems, sorry for the audio quality. Great info nonetheless!

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