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Hello, I’m Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO of American Business Systems, the nation’s largest network of independent medical billing companies.

I’m being asked a lot these days about how the new Affordable Care Act will affect the medical billing industry, so I ordered this book, the Obamacare Survival Guide (www.humanixbooks.com)

According to this book, there is nothing but good news for medical billing companies if everything moves forward and this new healthcare system is fully implemented by all the states.

For example, it says therebe 30 million more people who will be able to qualify for healthcare insurance. If each of them just visit a doctor one time a year, that means there are an additional 30 million claims that will have to be processed by someone.

And, that means that doctors will be hard pressed to find the time and resources to add additional personnel to handle their billing and will look for help outside their practice.

That help might as well be you.

On top of that, it quotes the Association of American Medical Colleges as estimating that by 2015 the country will need 60,000 more doctors than it is expected to have by then.

Doesn’t it make sense that, the fewer doctors there are, the ones that are in practice will have to figure out how to see that many more patients in a day … and that means they will have less time for the administrative side of their practice, including the billing to the insurance companies.

And speaking of insurance companies, most people don’t realize that the largest providers of Medicare and Medicaid coverage is provided by Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield and other large insurance companies.

That’s because the government doesn’t want to get involved in the processing of insurance claims …. that would be like having the fox guard the hen house, and doctors are not going to let that happen.

Besides, if the government had wanted to take over the billing, they would have done that back in 1965 when Medicare started. After all, Medicare is a form of national insurance .. for those over the age of 65. Obamacare simply extends that coverage to everyone.

So, the real question is this: who is going to process those 30 million more claims? Well, either the doctors are going to have to hire more people, which means take on more overhead costs, OR they are going to outsource that billing to someone who has been trained to do that and who are focused on that important process for a small percentage of the money collected.

By the way, that small percentage can make you an executive income, as it does focused many of the people who have completed our training.

You know, sometimes you can be in the right place at the right time, and the medical billing industry is the right industry to get involved in right now.

Call your ABS rep and find out why American Business Systems is the fastest way to get your medical billing business started .. with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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