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ABS Founder Patrick Phillips reads a passage from “The E-Myth Physician” by Michael Gerber.

Video Transcript

Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO, American Business Systems

“Doctors are spending all day stamping out fires, when all around them the forest is ablaze.” That’s a great quote here from Dr. John Kivett. It’s from a book called “The E Myth Physician, Why Most Medical Practices Don’t Work and What To Do About It.” Of course, it’s aimed directly at doctors, but I picked it up on the bookshelf the other day because this is the business that we’re in is helping doctors get out of having to stomp those fires and collecting their money for them, and so forth.

So I wanted to read you just a couple of quotes from this book. I think you’ll find it interesting how it ties in with the medical billing business. Here’s a quote says: “Unfortunately, few doctors pay attention to their cash flow until it stops, and slow pay becomes no pay.”

You know folks, you don’t realize the problem that doctors are having out there, unless you’re in this industry, with the insurance companies and with their patients even, collecting the money. Those slow pays actually become no pays, and the doctor ends up writing off thousands of dollars at the end of the year. So as a cash flow consultant, trained by American Business Systems, you’ll be able to solve those cash flow problems for doctors, so they don’t have to go around stomping out fires.

He goes on to say: “When it comes to money, to cash flow, most doctors are flying by the proverbial seat of their pants.” Then he goes on to say that: “One of the ways they can solve their cash flow is to increase the time that they spend seeing patients.” Well, how can they do that when they are running around, them and their staff, trying to figure out how to collect the money from the insurance companies and their patients?

What we do is take that away from them. We are the specialists. We can focus on that while they can focus on seeing more patients, which, of course, increases the doctor’s cash flow right there.

Then he goes on to say: “Every task performed in your practice can be done more efficiently and effectively, dramatically reducing the cost of doing business.”

You see, the doctors don’t realize that their practice is a practice. Yes, they’re practicing on you and I trying to figure out how to get us well, but it’s also a business. So by focusing on the things that are important in their practice and letting you and I do those things more efficiently and effectively, like collecting the money from the insurance companies, they’re going to add more money to their bottom line and be much, much happier. And you will be happier as an ABS licensee.

Hope I see you down here at one of our live training workshops, just as quickly as possible, so you can start solving those problems for doctors too.

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