What to Avoid When Starting a Business

What to Avoid When Starting a Business

Thousands of people start new businesses every day in America. And many of those new businesses fail within the first two years.

Why? And what can YOU do to make sure your new business does not fail?

Join Eric Ogea, Director of R&D for American Business Systems, and Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO in this live webinar as they cover::

– Why many people try to “reinvent the wheel”
– Why Product Differentiation is vital to success
– How to make sure you succeed in any business
– Why a “marketing funnel” is crucial to success
– How consistent follow-up with prospective clients can guarantee growth in any business
– Why continuing education is important in any industry
– What are good reasons for starting a new business (is Money one of them?)
– How to make sure you eliminate the competition in your market
– How restricted territories can restrict your growth and cause you to fail
– Why ongoing support is vital to success in every business
– and much more

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