The Top Ten Questions You Must Ask Before Starting A Business

Learn about our medical billing business opportunity! Doctors are struggling to collect their money and you can help, making your own money doing it! This is the only opportunity under $30K that gives you the potential that we do. Guaranteed. In this webinar, we will go over the top ten questions you must ask when starting a new business:

1. Is there a need of my product or service in the current marketplace?

2. What kind of training or experience is necessary for success in this business?

3. How much money can I make on my own, without hiring others?

4. Is this a business that can be run from anywhere using current technology?

5. What additional expenses will I incur after I pay my franchise or licensing fee?

6. How can I have credibility as a new business owner with no experience or clients?

7. What is my “territory”? What limits do I have?

8. What about competition in my area?

9. What does the home office or franchisor do to help me get clients?

10. What will make me unique in the marketplace?

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