The BEST Business Opportunity in America!

Best Business Opportunity in America

Learn why starting a business in healthcare providing medical billing and other revenue management services is one of the best decisions you could ever make in today’s economy.

Join Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO of American Business Systems and Eric Ogea, Director of Research and Development as they cover:

– The Fastest Way to Build Your Medical Billing Business. Guaranteed.
– How you can earn a six-figure income with only a handful of clients
– How to hire others to do the clerical work and allow you to focus on keeping your clients happy and referring other doctors to you
– How to get past the gatekeeper
– How to get all you need from a physician’s office to do their billing completely over the web
– How to help them collect more money from their patients – without being a “collector”
– How to help doctors prepare for the upcoming change in billing codes (ICD-10)
– Why doctors will WANT to outsource their billing to you, rather than keep it-in-house
– Why using a cloud-based system is far superior than a server-based software system
– How to get less than 2% rejection rate on claims submitted to the insurance companies (nationwide, it runs over 30%!)
– How to save doctors thousands on their billing over what they now pay

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