The Abundant Future for Medical Billers

Watch this video as our founder Patrick Phillips describes the future of healthcare, and the new book Abundance – The Future is Better Than You Think By Peter Diamandis.

Remember the old Star Trek series? Dr. McCoy used the tricorder, it’s called. That’s right. He would wave this over the heads of some of his patients, and it would tell him exactly what was wrong with that patient. Well, guys I bring that up because that’s actually a project of Dr. Peter Diamandis. Now, he’s the author of a new book called “Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think”. You are going to be amazed at what this book says in here.

One of the things he does is he offers different prizes. This one is $10 million for somebody to develop a tricorder like this. That’s right. He’s putting up his money so that he can find out which person in the whole world can actually develop something that is lightweight and portable and it can find out exactly what’s wrong with a person, just as well as a board-certified doctor. So it’s just a fascinating book because it talks about the future.

Of course, if you listen to all the talking heads on TV, you hear all these negative things about the world’s coming to an end. We’re running out of oil. We’re running out of water. We’re going to run out of food, too many people, etc., etc. This book clarifies that the future is much better than you think in all kinds of areas – computers, the development of energy, water, technology, and so forth.

He has a whole chapter in here, of course, on healthcare, which was fascinating to me because we’re in the medical billing business. Right? You’re looking at getting into the medical billing business. This has a great chapter on what the future holds for healthcare. Believe it or not, one of the things he says that’s really good for us, as people in this business, are that doctors are going to be in short supply. That’s right. By the year 2025, we’ll be short 150,000 doctors in the United States, 150,000.

Now, how does that apply to us? Well, look, you’re in the business of providing services for the doctor that help the doctor solve cash flow problems. The doctors don’t have time to see all these patients. If there are fewer doctors, they’re going to see more patients. Right? With more patients, that takes away from the time that they have to spend on focusing on their cash flow, getting the money in the practice.

You can help with that as an American Business Systems’ licensee in the medical billing business, solving those problems for doctors. So, anyway, I thought I’d just share that with you. I’ll try to give you some quotes from this in future blogs, but the future looks bright. If you haven’t gotten down here to one of our live training workshops, what are you waiting for?

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