Successful Medical Business Model – Interview w/Tim W.


Learn how you too can become a successful medical business owner!


Successful Medical Business

Join ABS Founder and CEO Patrick Phillips as he chats with a licensee from Alabama, Tim Warren. Tim launched his medical business mid 2012 and with our help, has signed multiple dermatology and gynecology clinics as clients. Tim’s wife quit her full time job at Coca-Cola in January 2013 to work full time with him and they are expanding their business by hiring sales reps.


Tim has nearly DOUBLED revenue for some of his doctor clients! It goes without saying that his clients are never going anywhere else for their revenue cycle needs.

Successful Medical Business

Even though they have around 15 clients, they still work from home and want to keep it that way! Tim explains that each of his doctors that he signs up is worth about $2,000 – $5,000 per month in gross revenue for his business! Can you do the math on that?

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