Starting a New Business: 8 Steps to Success

Start a New Business
Adam Phillips, President American Business Systems, LLC



Adam Phillips, President of ABS and Jason Pettit, ABS Business Development Coach discuss the 8 Steps to Success when starting a new business. They also answer questions from attendees.

The steps covered are:

Step 1: Eliminate Objetions
Step 2: Get Past Gatekeepers
Step 3: Overcome Rejection
Step 4: Show, Don’t Tell
Step 5: Build and Expert Team
Step 6: Stand Out
Step 7: Irresistible Pricing (Show Me The Money)
Step 8: Solutions… Not Sales

Whatever company you decide to work with, or what opportunity or industry you choose to get in to, make sure you’re going to love what you do, and your passion will shine through and success will be a breeze.

Healthcare is a very lucrative industry and is always growing no matter what is happening in other parts of the economy. You owe it to yourself to take advantage and get involved!

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