Obamacare: How Will It Affect the Healthcare Industry?

In today’s Founder’s Blog, our Founder Patrick Phillips talks about how Obamacare is going to affect the Healthcare industry and medical billing specifically.

I get a lot of people asking about the new Affordable Care Act, sometimes known as ObamaCare, and how it will affect our business, the medical billing business. Well let me start by saying that I think something needs to be done in America about our healthcare system, that is helping millions of uninsured Americans get the health care that they desperately need. And I’m not saying that the Affordable Care Act is the answer, but there is one thing that I know for sure.

That is that people are going to continue to get sick, and they’re going to continue to go to doctors to get well. And the doctors are going to continue to see the patients, and to bill for their services. This guarantees that there will always be a need for someone, to do the billing for the doctors to the insurance companies, and the Medicare and Medicaid. Otherwise the doctors won’t get paid and we won’t have any healthcare in the United States at all.

So does this guarantee that medical billing companies will get to do all the billing? No, some doctors think that they can do their own billing, with their own staff, using their own software, cheaper and more effectively than outsourcing it to some outside firm. But think about it, doctors have two businesses that they’re running when they do this. The clinical side of their practice, the medicine that is, taking care of
patients and helping them get well. And then there’s the business side of medicine, that’s billing and collecting the money that’s due to them for having seen the patients.

Now let me ask you this, which side of the practice do you think that they’re better suited at running? What they’ve been trained to do, which is the patient well care, or the billing and the follow up that’s needed with the insurance companies and with the government agencies to collect the money that they’ve already earned. Well it’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

In fact, people who’ve worked for doctors will tell you that they’re not trained in running a practice and working with insurance companies and government agencies. In fact to be quite frank, doctors are lousy really, at running the business side of their practice.

That’s why the people that are trained by American Business Systems to do the money side of medicine are growing and profiting from the services that they provide to doctors, now more than ever. Our business is booming, and that’s because this is not a here today, gone tomorrow business

This is a real business, based in a real need in the marketplace. The services that you offer to medical providers are essential to their continued survival in fact. And no matter what happens with the new healthcare law, there will always be a need for trained individuals to help the doctors with their cash flow.

So ask your ABS rep to tell you how you can get to our next live training workshop down here in Dallas, and start your new career in healthcare, the money side of healthcare.

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