New Apple iPad – Perfect for Doctors using EMRx – Electronic Medical Records

Apple’s latest installment in mobile technology was announced on March 6th, and we are excited to announce that Licensees of American Business Systems are, once again, on the cutting edge of technology. The new iPad boasts a Retina display with more pixels than an HD television, a faster processor and new ways to view and share your photos.

Like past models, the new iPad operates on the latest version of iOS, allowing access to the more than 500,000 apps available in Apple’s App Store. You can utilize these apps to do everything from checking your Facebook to finding the nearest Red Box kiosk.

What we’re most excited about, however, is that with the new iPad you, and your doctors, can access the web-based EMRx (electronic medical records) from anywhere! As long as you can connect to the Internet (via WiFi or tethered to your cell phone) doctors can do everything they need to document their patient visits using the iPad.

This gives you a huge advantage over any server-based systems being considered by the doctor, either internally or with outsourced competitors. Just another advantage ABS Licensees have over any other billing companies in their area.

This is why American Business Systems is the leader in medical billing training, software and support.

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