Meet the ABS Team: Linda Phillips, Co-FounderLinda is the “real&#8221

Meet the ABS Team: Linda Phillips, Co-Founder

Linda is the “real” founder of American Business Systems, Inc. In 1987, while home schooling her two children, a friend who owned a durable medical equipment company asked her if she could process his medical claims. She told him she had never done medical billing, but she was sure she could figure it out. A week later, she was typing up his claims and mailing them to the insurance companies for payment.

Within two years, she and her husband had built the company to a six-figure income, still working out of their home. Then, by 1994, they had developed a turnkey marketing and training program and began to license others to do medical billing. Linda continues to work in the business, although she no longer does the actual billing. She now spends time in community projects, as well as spending time traveling with Patrick and babysitting her three grandchildren, Ezekiel, Lia and Jonas.

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