Medical Billing Business Owner Cynthia Andersen Reviews American Business Systems

Interview with Cynthia Andersen, ABS Business Owner, Certified Medical Revenue Manager and Trainer. We’ll be chatting with Cynthia about how much she has grown her business over the years and much more.

You will also get an inside look at our training. Topics such as:

– Meet your certified instructor, who runs her own medical billing business
– Why you will learn everything you need to know in just 8 sessions
– Why you do not have to become a Medical Coder to process claims for doctors
– In depth coverage of the actual agenda used in the live, online training sessions
– Learn why online training is the quickest way to get your business started
– Explore the private website with tons of recorded training and downloadable documents

This business model is one of the very few that are able to be run from top to bottom virtually, in the Cloud. Everything from your initial training, marketing, client implementation, day to day claims processing, and backend support… all managed from the comfort of your own home using the Cloud!

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