Licensee Spotlight: Don Franklin

Don Franklin

Don Franklin became an ABS licensee about a year ago. He signed up his first client 3 weeks after becoming a licensee and he currently has 25 clients all over the country! Some are using every service we offer!  He is also getting referrals like crazy… Podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors…  Has one chiropractor that has 500-600 claims… and many other doctors with similar volume.

He was on our webinar last night and here is a quote from him: “You can make a six figure income with just the Patient Payment Plan”.

And get this…

He has never been to our live training workshop… but says he is coming in October or November. So, even our video training is so good that it has helped him get off to a FAST start (first client in 3 weeks after purchasing).

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