Julianna Madsen Starts a Revenue Cycle Management Business

Revenue Cycle Management Business
Julianna was in corporate america and decided to start a Revenue Cycle Management Business in the summer of 2010. She had ZERO background in the medical field. She brought extensive analytical/technical skills and just needed ABS to help her market a new healthcare business.
Working in downtown Atlanta in a highly populated area, she found no shortage of potential clients. Like most licensees, she started heavily networking and looking for friendships with people who could refer her to doctors. After meeting a “medical IT guy”, she was able to secure a handful of her first clients from this one person, and continues to get referrals from him!
She even gets phone calls from people she met while networking years ago who are ready to explore what she has to offer, to learn more about her revenue cycle management services.
Julianna is still working from home, has time to spend with her family and is able to attend her kids’ sporting and school events. Things that corporate america rarely allows.

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