Is This Medical Business Opportunity Too Good to Be True?

Is This Medical Business Opportunity Too Good to Be True?
medical business opportunity
On this webinar, Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO of American Business Systems, will cover the most common reasons why people say our medical billing opportunity is too good to be true, such as:

– All you need to know is taught in five days?
– I don’t need any billing or coding background or training?
– I can bill for the doctor for less than she can do it herself, in-house?
– I don’t need any sales experience?
– I don’t need to have all the answers, including references?
– I can get more money, faster for the doctor?
– I have lifetime access to your support, with no additional costs?
– There are no ongoing royalties or fees to ABS?
– I can actually increase the doctor’s revenue?
– This year is a “window of opportunity”?

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Being your own boss? Having more time with family, or just tired of working long hours?

You should consider a starting a business in healthcare! During this webinar you will find out why this industry is recession-proof and poised for continued growth like no other.

You will be providing Revenue Recovery for doctors. They all need help right now and there are not enough trained medical revenue specialists to help all of them.

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