Is Outsourcing Medical Billing Services More Viable than In-house Practices?

Is Outsourcing Medical Billing Services More Viable than In-house Practices?

Many people ask us why a doctor would want to outsource their billing to an individual who may or may not be working from their home. Our medical billing training program can help you start your own business and get up and running very quickly.

Many doctors and office managers weigh the pro’s and con’s of outsourced billing on a regular basis. Read this excerpt from

Prior to the last 5 years, medical practices have split their decisions 50/50 on the in-house vs. outsourced delimma; however current trends are heading towards outsourcing. You be the judge:


Inability of the internal staff to adequately devote to the requisite medical demand: Torn between medical and administrative functions, your medical staff might not be able to show the degree of flexibility required to efficiently carry out medical billing, coding, submitting, and realization of medical claims. Consequently, there can be frequent incidence of denials or delays in claim realization.

Limited adaptability: Given the rate at which the medical billing and coding norms are undergoing transition, your staff, already grappling with inadequate time, might not be able to match up to the demands of radical billing and coding transitions. As a result, it is going to show up in medical claim retrieval rates.

Employee-turnover factor: As in the case of any industry, medical industry too is prone to a high degree of employee attrition. Practices that operate in such attrition-prone environment, might find it impossible to run their medical billing solutions effectively and seamlessly.

Frequent capital outlay on technology make-over: Prompted by the frequent transitions in medical and coding norms, physicians’ practices are called upon to undergo capital-intensive technology make-over for accommodating electronic recording, billing, coding, and processing medical claims. Given the prevailing competition in the medical industry, physicians might find it impossible to operate even at sustainable margins.


Superior expertise and resources: Outsourced medical billing services come with a tag of superior expertise and resources. With the single most objective of improving clients’ reimbursement rates, medical billing companies are usually self-sufficient in specialized medical billing tools, techniques, technologies, and knowledge.

Greater control over operating costs: Operating in a voluminous market, medical billing companies – along with achieving operational efficiencies – can easily pass on the economies of operation to their clients or physician fraternity.

Seamless claim realization: As a result of superior competency, and operational efficiency, medical billing companies are known for ensuring seamless claim realization for medical services rendered by their clients.

Directing internal staff to core-activities: With a dedicated outsourced medical billing practice in operation, physicians’ internal staff can be diverted to core medical services, thus elevating the quality of medical care.

Risk aversion: Amidst the highly demanding government regulations (HIPAA), competition, financial conditions, and technology demands, physicians’ can easily avert the risk by outsourcing their medical billing needs from competent sources.

Improve core business focus: Consequently, because of being free from the shackles of medical billing, physicians are able to devote time and resources to their core concern of keeping the practice-benchmark in congruence with the prevailing best practices.


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