I Want to Start a New Business, But I am Not a Salesperson, HELP!

If you have ever thought “I am not a salesperson, but I want to start my own business”, then this webinar is for you!

I am not a salesperson

The number one fear a lot of people have who want to start a new business is being called upon to “sell” their products or services. Join Patrick Phillips, Eric Ogea and special guest Dr. Vicki Rackner as they discuss why there is no need to “sell” the services you offer as an ABS Licensee.

We’ll walk you through our process of educating medical providers and demonstrating real-world examples of many different time and money saving options that they may not even realize exist.

With the ABS business opportunity, you will be helping doctors save thousands of dollars in overhead and increase the money they collect from insurance companies and patients. Doctors using our services have seen huge increases in revenue, upwards of 30% or more per year! We have even seen licensees save doctors from going out of business!

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