How to Market Healthcare Business Solutions to Doctors

Patrick Phillips and Eric Ogea met this week to explain how it is possible to earn six figures annually marketing our medical billing and revenue management services to doctors.

healthcare business solutions

Everyone knows that doctors are busy people. How in the world can someone with little or no experience in the healthcare industry market healthcare business solutions to doctors? We can show you how. American Business Systems has been marketing to doctors for 20 years and we have developed and perfected many different marketing methods that we teach our new licensees. We’ll give you a step by step plan of action that you can take home after completing our 5 day live training class, and if you just follow the steps, you can get doctors interested in working with you! We do a lot on the back end to help you educate doctors and let them know that you aren’t working alone. They will see that you have a solid team of people behind you (that’s us!) and will be happy for you to take over some of the things not directly related to patient care that they fret about when they go home at night.

Here’s just a sample of all the things that we do for you when you become a licensee:

– Live Training
– Provide educational materials to doctors
– Help you with doing practice analysis
– Billing/EHR system demos done for you
– Help with proposals
– Help with agreements/contracts
– Help with hiring/training sales reps/data entry
– Lifetime marketing and technical support at no cost
– Webinars
– Conference Calls
– and much more!

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