How to Create a Stream of Leads for Your New Business

You don’t have a business if you don’t have leads. This webinar will detail the many techniques that we teach for getting new clients, applicable to many other industries as well.

This webinar covers:
– Why “Free Leads” Are Dead Leads
– Get Others to Introduce You to Your Best Prospects
– Position Yourself As the Expert
– Educate Prospects and They Will Call YOU
– Why “Sales Skills” Will Cause You to FAIL
– How to AUTOMATE Your Marketing

Yes this is a medical billing business, but it’s so much more. You will have a full suite of revenue cycle services that will put you leaps and bounds ahead of any competing billing companies. There is no shortage of doctors out there needing help and they are DESPERATE to jump start their practices now that COVID restrictions are finally easing. Very low cost to market and operate the business, we are confident you won’t be able to find a business in this price range that has the same potential!

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