How to Be a Healthcare Business Expert, with Patrick Phillips

How to be a healthcare business expert

Listen as Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO of American Business Systems chats with attendees about all various aspects of starting a new business, how to be a healthcare business expert, medical billing, and more.

He answers the top questions, such as:

– Aren’t doctors already doing their own billing? Why do they need me?

– What are the other costs outside of my ABS license fee? Clearinghouse fees, support, upgrades, users etc.

– Do I need background or training or prior experience in medical billing and coding?

– How many providers can one person claims can one person file?

– How do I get the data from the doctor’s office?

– How do I get clients? Also stated as; What is the best approach when you start contacting doctors?

– How do you address a doctor’s questions regarding your experience (or lack of) when you are starting out?

– How quickly will the doctor get paid from the time I pick-up the superbill?

– How do the doctors react to the fact that we would be running our business from our home?

– What are the main factors that make my billing center different than others in my area?

– Who are my competitors?

During this live webinar you will find out why the healthcare industry is recession-proof and poised for continued growth like no other.

You will be providing Revenue Recovery for doctors. They all need help right now and there are not enough trained medical revenue specialists to help all of them.

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