Helping Doctors Collect On Their Past Due Accounts

No doubt, we’re best known for our expertise related to medical billing. Being involved with medical billing for almost 30 years warrants that and it’s something we’re absolutely proud of.

As the profession of medical management has evolved, so too have we evolved with it and we’ve become, and trained, experts in all aspects of medical practice management. Our ABS Licensees have numerous solutions to provide to the physicians they work with and these solutions positively impact every aspect of a physician’s revenue cycle.

One such aspect of this is our QuickCollect program. It’s an automated collection effort aimed at resolving the past due accounts that notoriously derail the profitability of a physician’s practice. QuickCollect provides doctors with an alternative to traditional collection agencies that is much less expensive, more proactive and provides the doctors with more of the money that is rightfully theirs. For a Licensee, there is no day-to-day facilitation of these collection efforts and awards the Licensee a non-expiring, monthly residual revenue much like an insurance agent earns from insurance policies.

Another great benefit of QuickCollect for the Licensee is that this program is NOT exclusive to the medical industry. And, with the entrepreneurial freedom and encouragement that ABS provides its Licensees, any company or industry that struggles with past due accounts can benefit from QuickCollect and are potential clients of ABS Licensees! Learn more about how you can use QuickCollect and our entire business package to secure your future earnings!

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