Help with Your New Startup – How to Ask the Right Questions

Help with Your New Startup

Join Eric Ogea, Director of Research and Development and ABS President Adam Phillips for an in-depth look at what separates a good opportunity from a bad one.

With over 20 years experience in training and supporting people who have started their own business, ABS is the nation’s #1 medical revenue management business opportunity.

Topics covered:

Help with Your New Startup – How to evaluate the true income potential of a business.

Have the owners ever actually sold the product or performed the service you will be involved in?

How many buyers have been successful for a respectable amount of time?

Exactly what training will you be given before you start?

How have existing owners rated the after-the-sale support?

How do you check the background of the owners and research the company’s history?

What should you ask the management team if you visit their offices?

How do you evaluate the company’s competitors?

How to uncover hidden costs after the initial franchise or licensing fee?

What you should look for during the “sales pitch”.

Questions you should be asking that most people don’t.


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