Help Doctors With Their Bottom Line

As a trained Medical Reimbursement Specialist, you can help doctors who are struggling.

For example … Orthopedic surgeons rank at the very top of the pay scale with an average income of $323,000 a year. But family practice physicians and psychiatrists vie for the lowest average income with the family practice physicians earning an average of $132,000 a year and psychiatrists only $124,000. That’s because they can spend up to 40% of their revenue just trying to process the paperwork in their office. You can cut that in half and make the practice more profitable and you a very nice income.

Of all medical practitioners, across all specialties, here are their averages:

Average income per year: $208,000

Average income per hour: $74.21

Average hours worked per week: 53.9

Remember that these hours and dollar amounts are for fees allocated to individual physicians. The cost of running a medical clinic includes not only physician revenues, but also clinic costs and other expenses of practicing medicine in calculating the profit margin. These numbers come to us from the American Medical Association.

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