HBMA Executive Director on Why Doctors Should Consider Outsourcing Their Billing

Physician practice always asks itself is should it do its billing internally with its own internal staff, or should it consider outsourcing its billing? If you look at the anatomy of a practice, the physician’s focus is patient care. That’s really all they care about. There are support staff in the nursing area, in the lab area, in the radiology area, that everybody is doing the coordination of patient care.

Billing, oftentimes, is an afterthought. Although there might be people within the practice that are responsible for the billing, billing is very complex. Billing changes, the rules and regulations of billing changes all the time, and it’s a real talent and skill to do the billing.

So, if one would consider, if I’m a practice manager or a physician, consider outsourcing the billing to a professional organization, you’ll find that not only do you receive the reimbursement that’s due you, but you’re going to get it in a more efficient manner, in a faster manner. In other words, whatever the cost of the billing professional relationship is really gets compensated for in the additional income that the practice is going to receive. So the relationship really is very inexpensive, and you’re going to get all the money that you’re entitled to.

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