From the ABSystems Mailbag:

June 5, 2009

American Business Systems, LLC
Attn: Success Letters Team
5849 Park Vista Circle, Ste. A
Fort Worth, TX  76248

Dear ABS;

I knew when I investigated the opportunity with ABS that I would be successful.  I also knew it would take time.  I attended training in Texas in January, but did not seriously begin marketing until March.  I have had one new client a month since then!  My first 3 clients were for the Patient Payment Plan. 

In March, I signed an attorney’s office that I met while handing out the Pre-Authorized Checking brochure.  I wasn’t even going to go in because my focus was on medical businesses, but then I made myself go anyway.  I’m glad I did!  You just don’t know who is ready and who is not, so it pays to try everyone you can.  It was amazing how fast they came on board when they heard they could get the money owed to them in an easy, efficient and cost effective (almost free) manner!  The fast start program really does work. 

Next I signed an allergy clinic, a contact I knew from previous employment.  Since I knew the practice owner, I contacted him first in Feb.  He was skeptical because it sounded too good to be true.  I ran into him today in the post office and he said that when his patients are given the choice between paying up front and the PPP, most of them are paying up front, which he is extremely happy with.  He is currently with another service, so I am hoping he will soon come on board for his claims processing too.  If he’s happy with the PPP, he’ll be ecstatic when he’s getting faster payment on his claims and saving money on software. 

My last PPP client is a dentist’s office.  They are just getting started and can’t wait to see how the PPP is going to improve their cash flow.  I keep working the fast start plan and drip marketing and the business is growing like a snowball effect.   Small at first, but it’s on a roll now: I just signed my first medical billing client!  She is a single family practice provider just starting her own practice.  She loves me because I have experience in credentialing and am completing all of her applications for various payers. 

The more services I can offer, the more marketable I am.  She was a referral from a previous work contact.  Another previous work contact has requested my services and I am excited to see what unfolds there.  I am glad that I was a diligent and caring employee at my last job. I think I have many good contacts because of it. 

At a lady’s luncheon today I spoke with a friend about my business and she said her father was a podiatrist.  Another lady at the luncheon told me of an ER doctor moving into my neighborhood.  It’s amazing what you can find out by networking and how willing people are to help you.  This was a church function and not a formal network meeting, but any social event can open doors.

This business opportunity is awesome!  I have never had any second guesses since I landed here from training and have been working hard ever since.  It’s the best job I ever had!

Sincerely, Janet C., ABS Licensee

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