From the ABS Mailbag:

Hi Patrick,

I have been extremely busy lately and I love it 🙂 There are some things that I just have to let you know…First, I think you are a genius!!!!! Second, I thank God every day that he set me in the path to meet you and see this amazing system that you have developed! Third, the support is unbelievable.  The ABS Support Team have all been more than helpful with me through each step of the way.  I appreciate them all so very much!

I started billing for my first client 05/06/09 and just dropped a proposal off to another that wants me to get things going “right away”.  I am very impressed with every single detail of this system!! But even more impressed with your words. Your books and CD have given me the power to believe in myself and to become something that was a dream of mine for a long time  – not just a business owner but a happy and confident business owner!!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for working with me and teaching me that there is nothing out of reach!  You are genius with a genius team behind you!!!!

Love, Cristie D., TN

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