From the ABS Mailbag:

From: Jada H.
Date: Tue, July 21, 2009 7:49 pm

I had my first “closing of the deal” this morning! I had walked into a dentist’s office to leave a PPP brochure and the dentist was standing right there and she immediately looked over it and requested an appointment. We set up the appointment for late last week where I went over how the PPP works and how the Profit Recovery System works. She can’t yet afford the Profit Recovery System, but she was eager to go ahead and sign up the PPP.

I went back today with a service agreement and documents/pamphlets that the office will need. I went over in detail how the process works for the receptionist and she was already talking to a patient about it when I was leaving! VERY EXCITING!! Yay!

Then we went to another great and encouraging meeting at a surgeons office today! Business seems to be snowballing! Thanks to everyone at training (especially Marilynn) because it has been so helpful!

Jada H.

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