From the ABS Mailbag:

Finally Have My First Client

It’s an Acupuncturist. She has just relocated her Practice and was unhappy with her current billing company, who really had no system at all. Not surprised she was blown away by iClaim. It’s only about fifty claims per month. She bills out at $250/hr, and we agreed on 6%. Better news is there are 5 other Acupuncturists she is referring me to as a solution. 2 of them use the same biller, so it should just be a matter of executing quickly with my client to garner the testimonial. The other 3 are on the cusp of adding insurance paying clients, so I’ll be getting in on the ground floor of a 3 Provider Practice. This was BNI referral, so it took several weeks to cultivate the relationship before I gained any traction. 

I finished my ABS training the first week of July and spent the first 2-3 months doing research, setting up my company, hiring a sales rep and going to Networking functions. I really only started Marketing in earnest in late September, so the 90 day target was pretty accurate. The mentorship calls really helped to keep me motivated and I have regular dialogue with many of the Licensees. So thanks to all of you.

Brian M.

Santa Clara, CA

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