Don’t Choose a Company with Antique Software!

CD based software, nearly extinct! Why Your Healthcare Organization Should #DitchtheDisk

The article above was written with medical providers in mind, encouraging them to move into the digital age with the rest of the world. The same can be said for those starting their own medical billing and revenue cycle management business!

There are some medical billing companies out there the are still offering the same old CD based software that they created in 1994! Can you imagine? If your software can’t easily run on a Mac, or any browser/tablet/smartphone, run away! You need to be able to access the system anywhere in the world with internet and not be tied down to just certain computers! It’s truly the way of the past.

You also want to make sure you aren’t competing against the company who sells you the software. Claimtek, for example markets their old CD based software under a different name called “Sydasoft” and they sell direct to doctors! Seems like a conflict of interest!

Our goal at American Business Systems is to offer the best software, training, and support so that our licensees (and doctors!) can thrive! We don’t sell direct to doctors and we support you for free, for LIFE! That’s just the kind of company we are.

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