Doctors Should Start a Private Practice

From time to time, we get questions about doctors giving up private practices and going to work for large groups that handle the billing for them. What we have found is, in many cases, the doctors are discovering that they are not making the kind of money they made when they were in private practice and are leaving the groups to go back to private. If you (as an ABS licensee) are able to present our solutions to a doctor before they make the leap to a large group, you can effectively prove to them that outsourced medical billing is the key to maximizing their time and money.

Check out this article from 2011, written by a Dermatologist:

Don’t Be Afraid To Start A Solo Practice

Despite what you read and hear, solo private practice is not dead. Very few private practices fail. If you are a medical student, a medical resident or a dissatisfied physician practicing in a large group practice, go out on your own. You can still…

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