Become a Healthcare Business Consultant without “Selling” Anything!

healthcare business consultant

Listen as Patrick Phillips and Eric Ogea with American Business Systems discuss how, with the help of ABSystems, people are becoming a healthcare business consultant, helping doctors in several different common areas of concern for them… all without any “selling” or pressuring or convincing of any kind! Here are the simple steps to signing up doctors:

1. Educate (healthcare business consultant, NOT a sales person)
2. Identify pain (Practice Analysis)
3. Provide live system demo (We do this for you)
4. Propose solutions to pain points found
5. Continue to educate until doctor is ready to solve his/her problems

Our simple step-by-step process for signing up clients has been honed and perfected over our 20+ years of being in business. If you follow our steps, there’s virtually no way to fail.

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