Ask This Before Starting a Low Cost Healthcare Franchise or Biz Opp

Join Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO of American Business Systems, and Eric Ogea, Director of R&D, as they discuss why you MUST have the following questions answered before starting any Low Cost Healthcare Franchise or Biz Opp:


Low Cost Healthcare Franchise

1. What is the real need in the marketplace for my product or services?
2. Do I need experience or training; if so, how much?
3. How much money can I make on my own, without hiring others?
4. How do i run the day-to-day operations?
5. What are my other expenses, outside the initial startup costs?
6. How can I have credibility with my prospective clients with no experience or references?
7. What is my “territory”? What limits do I have?
8. What about competition in my area?
9. What does the Home Office do to help me get clients?
10. What will make me unique in the marketplace?
11. What is the success of other franchisees or licensees? Can I speak to some of them?
— and more!

If you are thinking about starting a Low Cost Healthcare Franchise or Business Opportunity, this is the webinar you don’t want to miss.

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