ACA Burdens Practices with Insurance Verification Delays

According to a recent article on, practices are now starting to see the new patients that got insurance with the help of The Affordable Care Act. The biggest issue now is the time it’s taking for these medical offices to confirm that these patients are actually covered! This usually means that a staff member must physically pick up the phone and wait on hold… sometimes up to ONE HOUR PER PATIENT to get this eligibility conformation!

With our iClaim/EMRx system, we have a feature we like to call “Instant Eligibility Check” that will take the insurance holder’s ID # and electronically reach out to the patients insurance company and give almost instant feedback that tells them if the patient is covered, co-pay info, correct name, address, etc. Everything they need to know! Not only this, but pulling all this data from the insurance company directly assures the doctor that he/she will get paid for this particular visit/procedure.

If you’d like a demo of our system, start by taking the e-tour today!

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