ABS Testimonials – July 2016 Training Class


ABS Testimonials from our July 2016 graduating class!


Another group of folks are pumped up and ready to go! Hear from people from all over the USA who have decided to start a medical revenue management business with ABS!

People like Tim B. who said “Take baby steps, and you will be rewarded again and again.”

More quotes:

“I learned quite a few insights coming to the live class, really excited about getting started.” – Victor A.

“Definitely got a lot out of this class!” – Greg F.

“The training was well worth the time, we are ready to go!” – Sheldon J.

“I learned that this is so much more than just medical billing!” – Kent W.

“I am so looking forward to working for my self!” – Ed A.

“I was concerned about not having any background in billing, but after going through the course, I’ve got this!” – Robin B.

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