9.5 Things You MUST Do Before Starting Your New Business

Starting Your New Business
Ready, Set, Go!

Eric Ogea and Adam Phillips with American Business Systems talk about the top things that you must do before entering into a business relationship with a company and starting your new business.

1. Check Out the Company
2. Funding
3. Market Analysis
4. Website & Virtual Brochure
5. Testimonials
6. Call References
7. Industry Research/Competition
8. Visit Headquarters
9. Business Plan
9.5 Schedule a Demo

You want to make sure the company you are going to partner with will be just that, a partner that actively works with you, hand-in-hand to guide you, not only on the technical side of things, but also works with you to get clients (doctors) educated and interested in using you and your services.

With the help of American Business Systems, you can be up and running in your new business after 5 days of training and start signing up clients in about 30-60 days!

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